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Experience the benefits of corporate yoga with our tailored wellness programs. Our expert instructors provide on-site or virtual sessions that help reduce stress, enhance employee well-being, and promote mindfulness in the workplace. Elevate productivity and foster a healthier work environment through the power of yoga.

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Immerse your team in a journey of self-discovery, balance, and well-being. Our yoga classes cater to all levels, helping you find inner peace, improve flexibility, and enhance your physical and mental health.


Sound Bath

A soothing and healing experience of a symphony of healing sounds and vibrations that promote relaxation, reduce stress, and foster inner harmony. Help your team achieve a state of profound peace and rejuvenation.


Meditation & Breathwork

Our guided sessions offer a path to inner peace, mindfulness, and emotional balance. Harness the power of your breath and find serenity in the present moment with our guided meditations.

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Additional Offerings

Wellness in the workplace


Wellness Mini Retreats

Through a blend of mindfulness sessions, interactive workshops, and team-building exercises, participants will unwind, refocus, and learn holistic strategies for stress management. Curate your retreat for your team specifically. With expert guidance, our retreat offers a tranquil environment for self-care, promoting mental clarity and fostering stronger team connections.


Virtual Corporate Wellness

Through a range of live and on-demand sessions, our expert facilitators provide interactive workshops, fitness classes, mindfulness practices, and mental health resources, tailored for remote or hybrid work settings. Our virtual platform offers convenience and flexibility, allowing team members to engage in wellness activities at their own pace.


Team Bonding

Our tailored programs are designed to strengthen connections, foster collaboration, and boost morale among colleagues. Through a range of engaging activities, interactive challenges, and facilitated exercises, teams will develop trust, communication, and problem-solving skills in a fun and supportive environment.


People Operations Consulting

Both virtually and on-site, our expert consultants offer tailored strategies in talent management, employee engagement, and organizational development. By analyzing your company's unique needs, we deliver customized solutions to enhance workplace culture, streamline operations, and drive sustained growth.

 Clients and Partnerships

Great experience happened to meet her before the class even started she was very positive upbeat and gave off great energy. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and she was very easy to follow. I appreciate her for what she does!! Well worth the experience

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Work With Us

Elevating Wellness, One Pose at a Time: Bala Bliss Corporate Yoga for a Wellness in the Workplace.

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  • Where is Bala Bliss Yoga located?
    We are located in Miami Beach, in the neighborhood of Sunset Harbor. You will find us inside above ASR Sports Medicine. To get there, walk down the alley across from Fresh Market. We are the last door on the left, Suite 7. Once you enter, proceed up the staircase at the main entrance.
  • Are bathrooms, changing rooms, and showers available?
    Customer bathrooms/changing areas are located on the first floor. Showers are not available.
  • Do you provide yoga mats?
    Yes, we can provide a yoga mat for students; however, it is encouraged for you to bring your own to class for your unique practice and comfort.
  • Do you offer virtual classes?
    Virtual classes and our On Demand platform will be launching Winter 2023.
  • How much are your classes?
    Drop in class rate is $25/per class. We do not currently offer memberships or packages.
  • How do I book a class?
    Please visit the schedule on the website under "Book a Class". We can also be found on ClassPass.
  • What is your cancellation. no-show policy?
    To avoid a $15.00 late cancellation fee you must cancel within 12 hours of your booked class. No credit or refund is available if you fail to early-cancel, or if you do not show up.
  • Are fur babies allowed in studio?
    As much as we love fur babies, pets are not allowed in studio.
  • Do you have lockers?
    Our studio is a boutique yoga set up and has no more than 6 students at a time. Due to space constrictions we do not have lockers, however you may leave your belongings close to you and your mat. We highly encourage for you to bring only yoga class essentials with you to class. Bala Bliss Yoga is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen items in the studio.
  • This is my first time at Bala Bliss, how do I get my free class as a first timer?
    Welcome! We are so glad you are joining us on the mat. Enter code BalaNew at checkout for your first class on us!
  • Still have questions?
    Get in touch at
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